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Vorið er komið víst á ný – piano solo

(studio recording – Dietrich Van Akelyen, piano – from the upcoming album thoughts|reflections)


The Spiral Dance

(studio recording – Desguin string quartet – from the album Fingerprints #4)

Poem for the Departed

(studio recording – Vlaams Radiokoor conducted by Bart Van Reyn – from the album Les Flandriens)

Tango Sauvage – string quintet

(live recording)

The Field Beyond – strings, percussion and female voices

(studio recording)

Inhale/Exhale – string orchestra

(studio recording)

From the Waveless Sea – high woods and string orchestra

(studio recording)

Déjà vû (excerpt) – soprano and chamber orchestra

(studio recording conducted by Dirk Brossé)

The Tale of Timmy in the Tumble Dryer

(live recording world premiere New York)

Tango for Smokey Eyes – Bb Clarinet & piano

(live recording Katrijn Poppe, clarinet – Dietrich Van Akelyen, piano)

Wat Met Het Hart (excerpt) – string quartet

(studio recording quatuor Danel)

For Butter or Worse (end credits) – sax quartet

(studio recording)

Goa Gajah – chamber orchestra

(live recording Spectra Ensemble conducted by Filip Rathé)

the suite from The Creature of Dr. Meyrincks – chamber orchestra

(studio recording conducted by Dirk Brossé)

the suite from Beyond the Lost Star – choir and percussion

(studio recording condcuted by Maarten Van Ingelgem)


Waar de Dender mondt

(live recording DSO-ensemble, Viva Voce – Bianca Tackaert soprano – Tim De Knop tenor, Lien Keusters harp & Arno Raspoet percussion)

00:00 Proloog
02:43 Ubi Tenera fluvius perfluit
05:19 Een Ionck Meisken
09:26 De Leeuwerck (Spero Lucem)
14:04 Van De Rosiers (deught es ‘t motijf)
16:12 De Distellieren – Van Ste Rochus (fraternalis amor)
19:43 Den Knaptandt I
20:22 Den Rommelpot
23:34 Ons Banier oft den Reus Indiaan – Handbooghschutters
25:10 Ste Joris oft den Reus Goliath – Voetkruisbooghschutters
28:43 ‘t Radt van Avonture
31:30 Den Walvisch (Vox Balaenae)
37:03 Den Knaptandt II
37:48 Van Ste Chrispyn
40:56 Een Ionck Meisken reprise
42:05 Den Knaptandt III
44:47 Requiem Equo
49:47 Epiloog

Tango for Smokey Eyes – wind orchestra

(live recording Ste.Cecilia Zele conducted by Dietrich Van Akelyen)

Opus Pocus – wind orchestra

(live recording Pihalni Orkester Krka conducted by Matevz Novak – solo clarinet by Aaron Van de Winckel)

Parade of the Ugly Ducklings – wind orchestra

(live recording Ste.Cecilia Zele conducted by Bart Picqueur)

Aren’t instruments fun!? – wind orchestra

(live recording Ste.Cecilia Zele conducted by Bart Picqueur)

Stealing an Arab’s Camel – wind orchestra

(live recording Musikalo Sint-Katherina-Lombeek conducted by Tijl Verhaeghe)

excerpts from Sir Toadstool’s Soliloquy concerto for bassoon and orchestra

(live recording bassoon solo by Pierre Olivier Martens and conducted by Dietrich Van Akelyen)

copyright Dietrich Van Akelyen – all rights reserved

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