Thoughts|Reflections is out now! Grateful to Ksenia Ovodova for bringing my work to life…

The piano – my greatest passion, and my greatest frustration.  Odi et amor.

Why is it so much easier to compose orchestral music and intimate chamber music?  Is it the infinite possibilities of combining those 88 keys? Or am I seeing things in an all too black and white a manner?

In the past years I have made many composer sketches for piano solos, ranging from snatches over patterns to even detailed compositions.  As always I aim to let the inspiration grow organically, for as we all know, you can’t court the muse, you have to await her.

In 2021, the time was right to carefully look into all of my sketches, and as soon as I had started to do this, I discovered a unity in my work.  As if the pieces of the puzzle finally fell into place.  The result is this bundle of personal thoughts and reflections.

I could elaborate endlessly on the analysis of every piece, on how 2+3 is a constant throughout all of the compositions – 2 to 3 rhythmical, second and third, fifth, the black keys of the piano within one octave.

I will, however, gladly leave this discovery to you. Or even better, I will let the music speak for itself in all its pureness. My sketches are, after all, in good hands…

studio recording Room 13, Ghent – Ksenia Ovodova, piano – Ward Neirynck, sound engineer